What’s On Tonight: A Terrible Decision Goes Down On A No Good Day In ‘Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens’

If nothing below suits your sensibilities, check out our guide to What You Should Watch On Streaming Right Now.
Awkwafina is Nora From Queens (Comedy Central, 10:30 p.m.) — “Not Today” is the name of the episode, and are we talking about … Satan? The story involves a family fight and a bad dye job, so Satan sounds about right.
Howie Mandel’s 5th Annual All-Star Comedy Gala (CW, 8:00 p.m.) — Recorded at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Howie Mandel’s hosting the special with stand-up performances from Ronny Chieng, Cameron Esposito, Alonzo Bodden, Anjelah Johnson, Rachel Bloom, Fortune Feimster, and more.
The Goldbergs (ABC, 8:00 p.m.) — A party at Dave Kim’s house leads to Adam trying to be cool, and Beverly’s now famous because of her cookbook. Cue the dramatics.
Party of Five (Freeform, 9:00 p.m.) — Lucia’s chipping away at her activism mentor for approval, and Val’s attempting to reconnect with mom and dad. Ella’s secret also becomes clear to Beto.
The Magicians (Syfy, 10:00 p.m.) — Margo does feet, and Todd sings a jingle? Alright.
Criminal Minds (CBS, 10:00 p.m.) — A year after Rossi nearly died, he’s got new theories about The Chameleon, and the BAU team’s ready for an epic hunt to capture the killer.
Stumptown (ABC, 10:00 p.m.) — A client’s incensed that her Hollywood script might have been plagiarized by an ex-classmate, and Angel in Tookie are left in charge of The Bad Alibi. Aaaaand so a party happens.
Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Chris Pratt, Huey Lewis, Sam Hunt
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Rosario Dawson, Lil Rel Howery, Andre D Thompson
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Laura Dern, Kesha
Late Night With Seth Meyers: Tiffany Haddish, M. Night Shyamalan, SHAED
The Late Late Show With James Corden: Justin Bieber, James Marsden, Anya Taylor-Joy,
A Little Late With Lilly Singh: Ashley Graham

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